Laptop Charger for HP Chromebook 11 14 G3 G4 X360

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Adapter Laptop Charger for HP Pavilion x360

HP Pavilion x360 Series Charger

Compatible for HP Pavilion x360 11-n010dx 11-n011dx 13-a010dx 13-a012dx 15-f004wm 15-f009wm 15-f010dx 15-f233wm 15-f039wm 15-f305dx 15-f111dx 15-f162dx 15-f019dx 15-f010wm 15-f024wm 15-f033wm 15-f039wm 15-f059wm 15-f271wm 15-f211wm 15-n243cl 15-N220us 15-n013dx 15-n228us 15-an050nr……

Charger for Samsung Chromebook 2 3

Samsung Chromebook 2 3 Series Charger

This Adapter works with Samsung Chromebook 2 XE303C12-A01, XE500C12, XE503C12, XE503C32, XE500C12-K01US XE500C12-K02US XE503C12-K01US; Samsung Chromebook 3 XE500C13, XE500C13-K01US XE500C13-K02US XE500C13-K03US XE500C13-K04US ……

Laptop Charger for HP Chromebook 11 14 G3 G4 X360

HP Chromebook 11 14 G3 G4 X360 Series Charger

This Adapter works with HP Chromebook 11 14 X360 G3 G4 G5 Series: 11-v000 11-ae000 11-v002dx 11-v010nr 11-v019wm 14-q010nr 14-q020nr 14-q030nr 14-q070nr 14-q029wm 14-q039wm 14-q049wm 14-q000sa 14-q004sa 14-q005sa 14-q010sa 14-q001tu 14-q030sg……


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Why Choose TSKYBEAR?

Maybe you lost your charger, or it suddenly stopped working. Or maybe your power cord snapped! Usually, when this happens, we have a moment of panic. More often than not, it's painfully hard to find a reasonably priced, HIGH-QUALITY replacement charger... With TSKYBEAR, It's All About Quality. The highest-performing Laptop Charger Replacement charger on the market!

So my mother called me to say "my laptop is broke", which technically means anything from I can't remember my password to log in or my Gmail is full. After extensive questions the CIS would be proud of and a little bit of investigative work. The offender (my mom) admitted to catching her card in the easy chair. Quick fix order new cord. Viola Google is fixed again. FYI it's not the volts that hurt its the amps.

L Watson

This was a great replacement cord for my Samsung Chromebook, but the only thing I found frustrating is that the original cord for my Chromebook was two prong, and this was three prong. It's not that I wouldn't have gotten it otherwise... I would have... but I do wish it would have been two prong since that is obviously sufficient for the device, and it is easier to find places to plug into.Overall though, it was a great cord!


Before I had a final exam paper due, the cord stopped charging and I could no longer power on my laptop.I was strapped for cash (broke college student, y'know) and this was the best price I could find on a replacement. I am beyond glad I purchased this charger. Not only was it delivered super fast, it charges my laptop perfectly and NO MORE ERROR MESSAGE! I got an A on my paper, so this charger gets an A from me.

Olivia R