3 tips for laptop battery maintenance.

In modern times, the notebook is about to become a machine with one hand. With it, it can be used anytime and anywhere. It does not have the limitations of desktop computers that cannot be moved, it is more portable and flexible, and the design is very reasonable and humane. It can be said that its appearance has rescued the people who need to use computers at any time. In view of the huge role of notebook computers in life, everyone must take good care of it. The battery is equivalent to its food, so we need to pay attention to the maintenance of the battery. Now I will show you how to maintain the laptop battery.

1. Use laptop batteries regularly.

Some people will remove the battery when using the adapter and wait until they are going out to use it. This is a wrong approach. If it is not used for a long time, the electric ions in the battery cannot circulate, and the contents of the battery will gradually become invalid, and the power cannot be stored normally.

2. Use new batteries correctly.

For a new battery that has just been bought, you don’t need to charge it first when you use it, because there is a surplus of electricity left out of the factory. So put it in the laptop first, and then use it when the laptop prompts that the battery is low. Then connect the external power supply and start charging.

3. Reasonably maintain the battery during use.

The use process is the most suitable time to maintain the battery. If the battery has used a certain amount of power, recharge it after it is used up. Like a six-cell battery, it can stand by for about 3.5 hours. After using the charger for an hour without plugging in the charger, there should be 60 to 70% of the power stored. Do not plug in the charger to start charging at that time. Use up the remaining electricity and recharge. If charging in the middle will affect the life of the battery, please remember not to damage the battery for temporary convenience.

The above is about the use of laptop battery skills, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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