3 Tips for Using Laptop Batteries.

Speaking of laptops, everyone will not feel strange. It has gradually become a necessity for office. In an era when everyone is concerned about high efficiency, its emergence will undoubtedly help people improve work efficiency. For this machine that often accompanies us to fight, we must take care of it, so that it has always maintained a super combat effectiveness. So when charging it, did everyone use the right skills? The more usual small actions, the more attention should be paid to them. Below I will introduce 3 tips for using laptop batteries.

1. Properly use laptop batteries.

Many people think that when an external power source is already used, the battery can be eliminated. But it is not right to not use the battery for a long time, and the battery needs to be activated regularly. Proper use is more accurate. Especially pay attention to every time you use the battery, you should use up the battery before charging it. Try not to unplug it when it is not fully charged. After the battery is fully charged, you should use the battery or the power adapter alone instead of using both.

2. Use the supporting power cord to charge the laptop battery.

When the laptop is first purchased, it will come with a matching charger. When the computer is out of power, connect the charger to the charging jack with a data cable, and connect the other end to the power socket to charge. When the notebook is charging, there will be a battery icon in the taskbar. Put the mouse on it and it will display the remaining hours of charging*%. You can stop charging when the display is complete.

3. Unplug the power supply after the laptop battery is fully charged.

When the power supply is full, there is no need for an external power supply to use the laptop. Because the laptop is used with the battery loaded, the battery is in a state of repeated charging at this time. Not only will the life of the battery be reduced, the simultaneous use of AC and battery will also cause the machine to overheat, and other components will also cause damage.

The above is about the use of laptop battery skills, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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