How to charge laptop battery?

Many people are not unfamiliar with laptops as electronic products, and laptops have gradually changed from office supplies in life to necessities in life. There are also many operational and use problems for notebooks, and many people are more or less confused about these problems. Here is a small question, how do you charge the laptop battery? I think many people would like to know the answer to this question. Maybe the battery is out of power to realize that I still can't charge the laptop. Okay, let me introduce the charging problem of laptop battery.

Laptop battery charging method one:

First of all, laptops come with chargers. Connect the charger of the notebook to the circular jack of the notebook with the data cable, and connect the other end to the power socket. You can charge it. When the notebook is charging, there will be a battery-like pattern in the taskbar. When the mouse is placed on the battery pattern, it will display charge*%, and a few hours are left. The charger data cable can be unplugged when the charging is 100%.

In fact, when the laptop battery is fully charged, it basically takes about two hours. How to make good use of laptop batteries, how to extend their use time and service life, is undoubtedly a problem that plagues the hearts of laptop users.

The second method of laptop battery charging:

1. Unplug the power after fully charged.
When the laptop battery is fully charged, the laptop should not be used with an external power source. Because the laptop is used with the battery loaded, the battery is actually in a state of repeated charging at this time. In addition to reducing the life of the battery, the use of alternating current and the battery at the same time will also cause the machine to overheat and easily damage other components.

2. If the battery is not used for a long time.
Although the battery should not be used when connected to an external power source, it is also wrong to not use the battery for a long time. The battery capacity needs to be activated regularly, and proper use is more accurate. Especially every time you use the battery, you should pay attention to the battery before it is used up and recharge it, and try not to unplug it when it is not fully charged. After the battery is fully charged, the battery or the power adapter should be used alone, rather than both.

3. If the battery is removed frequently.
Do not remove the battery frequently and expose the battery compartment. This will easily enter a large amount of dust and cause poor contact during battery use. When disassembling the battery, you should pay attention to dust, water, moisture, shock, and clean the warehouse regularly with a small brush.

What should I do if the laptop battery cannot be charged?

Tips for charging laptop batteries:

Tip one:
IBM notebooks provide a "Battery MaxiMiser and Power Management" software, through which we can have a good solution to incorrect battery capacity display and shortened battery life. Run this software, the computer will automatically calibrate and discharge the battery according to the status of the battery. When the program ends, you can find that the gap between the actual battery capacity and the designed capacity will be smaller (but still exist).

Tip two:
Use the firmware method to refresh the battery.
Some notebook manufacturers embed the battery correction program in the BIOS firmware (such as ASUS), we only need to enter the BIOS to execute the battery correction program when booting.

Tip three:
Replace the battery cell or discharge deeply.
If the battery has a problem due to the aging of the battery, we can only solve it by replacing the battery or deep discharge. But these actions may cause the battery to appear damaged or unusable, so remember to be careful before doing it.

Laptop battery charging is still very knowledgeable, and the issue of laptop battery charging really needs to be studied. I don’t know if you have any thoughts on laptop battery charging after reading this article? I believe that after reading this article, you will definitely master the methods and techniques of charging laptop battery. Take good care of your laptop by charging its battery. After learning the correct way to charge the computer battery, start to get rid of the bad habits before and make your laptop more cute.


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