How to solve laptop battery not charging?

Notebook is a common digital product in our lives. Many times we will encounter various problems related to laptops, such as the laptop battery cannot be charged. At this time, many people don't know what to do. Many consumers may encounter this problem. In fact, it is divided into many reasons, but the solution is relatively simple. This article will introduce to you what to do if the laptop battery is broken!

First, the reason why the battery cannot be charged.

1. The power adapter is faulty.
Many friends call the power adapter a charger. Although it is not accurate enough, it is indeed very vivid. It is also very simple to judge whether the non-charging is caused by the power supply, and the replacement method can be used.
2. Battery failure.
The performance of laptop battery failure is relatively simple. The charging progress is always displayed. In fact, the battery life is less than a few minutes after the power adapter is removed, or the battery cannot be detected directly.
3. The motherboard is faulty.
There are also two cases of motherboard failure, one is the power port, and the other is the interface soldering. The power port is relatively simple, the performance is sometimes power down when the battery is not used or power off when charging. Judgment can be made by manually operating the power port. In addition, the interface between the battery and the motherboard is soldered, which will cause non-charging failure.
4. Circuit failure.
Generally, the charging circuit and the protective isolation circuit are faulty. In addition to easy damage to the chip itself, damage to its peripheral circuits is also common. For example, in the early repair work, there are no circuit diagrams and point diagrams for the stabilized diodes. Repairing such faults is quite time-consuming.

Second, how to repair a broken battery

1. Use the firmware method to refresh the battery.
The battery correction program is embedded in the BIOS firmware (such as ASUS), and we only need to enter the BIOS to execute the battery correction program when booting. Or use your own program to correct the battery.
2. Replace the battery or discharge deeply.
If the battery has a problem due to the aging of the battery, we can only solve it by replacing the battery or deep discharge. But these actions may cause the battery to appear damaged or unusable, so remember to be careful before doing it.

Third, use laptop batteries correctly.

Generally, the battery has been used for about 3 years, and it is basically aging. Even if it is a lithium battery, you can go to a repair shop to test it. Generally speaking, many computer brands such as Dell, Lenovo, Sony, etc. will equip their laptops with power management software. If a certain "battery protection mode" is enabled, the power management software will prohibit battery charging and discharging after detecting that the user is using AC power, so as to extend the battery life.

The above is about the use of laptop battery skills, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

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