The difference between battery and power cord using laptop

A. Using batteries will definitely reduce battery life. Generally, the battery life will be affected when the battery is charged and discharged about 150 times.

B. Using the power cord (without the battery inserted) is equivalent to the power supply mode of the desktop computer. When the power is cut off, the computer will also be cut off.

Insert the battery and plug in the power cord. If the power cord is dead, the notebook will automatically switch to battery status. In this way, the notebook will not be powered off. In this mode, you need to know two things:

1. After the battery is fully charged, the notebook will automatically cut off the power supply and no longer charge the battery. The computer is powered directly by the power cord. At this time, you can still use the computer with the power cord.

2. After the battery is fully charged, if the power is automatically cut off, the battery will no longer be charged. At this time, the laptop is powered by the battery. In this case, you are using battery power. In this case, the previous situation A is executed, and the battery life will be affected.

However, notebooks are now smart. When using the power cord, the battery will not be charged after being fully charged, and the power will be supplied directly from the power cord, so it has no effect on the battery. That is, the laptop power can be plugged in all the time.

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