Will the battery life be damaged if the laptop is always charged?

The damage to the battery when the laptop has been charged is certain, but the damage is small and negligible. For users who charge and discharge the battery at least once a week, this problem is basically not to worry.

However, if it is fully charged and used all the year round, passivation will indeed occur. At the same time, high temperature will greatly accelerate the passivation and aging process. For users who do not use batteries frequently, the passivation will not be too obvious. Do not put the notebook on quilts, pillows and other things that will block the cooling holes.

In the shutdown state, if it is charging, the charging indicator will generally show red or flashing. When it is fully charged, it turns green and always on. The control chip in the computer will automatically disconnect the charging circuit, so there is no need to worry about charging the battery all the time and causing the battery to overload.

If you are charging in the power-on state, the chip control will automatically stop charging after being fully charged. And the battery power will not be consumed, the notebook will automatically be powered by an external power source. In short, in either case, if you occasionally forget to unplug the power, there will be no damage to the computer.

If you do not use the computer for a long time, it is best not to keep it in a charging state. You can take it out to charge it every half a month, and then remember to unplug the power to continue storage.

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