Can the Apple laptop charger be plugged into the computer all the time?

Yes, there is no need for excessive adjustments.
1. The battery must be charged and discharged at least twice a month. After the battery is fully charged, use the battery alone to unplug the power adapter. When the battery power consumption reaches 20%, plug in the power adapter. Then the battery is fully charged to 100%, unplug the battery and put it up. Don't expose it to the sun and don't get wet. You must replay the operation at least twice a month.

2. The battery cannot be stored for a long time, and it must be used frequently. Because the battery itself consumes electricity. On average, about 5% to 10% of self-consumption per month. There is also a circuit board inside the battery. If it is not used for more than half a year, it will cause great damage to the battery. If it is not used for more than a year, many batteries will be used up. In particular, some laptop batteries have a self-locking chip, when the power is below a certain value, it will be directly locked and discarded.

If from the perspective of protecting the laptop, do not unplug the battery. Just plug it in all the time, and the aging of the battery is small. Because the current notebooks have protective isolation circuits. The battery is plugged into the notebook and will only be charged and discharged when the motherboard thinks it needs to be charged and discharged. These manufacturers have already considered them when designing. For example, when the power supply and the battery are plugged in at the same time, whether the battery is charged is set by the manufacturer based on experience. Generally, manufacturers will set the battery power to be lower than 80% or 90% (this value is different for each manufacturer) before charging starts, so there is no need to worry about the continuous charging and discharging of the battery. This is also good for data and notebooks. Inserting the battery can prevent the accidental power failure of the adapter from damaging important data and hard disks.

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