Do I need to unplug my laptop when it's fully charged?

As for the use of the battery, many users feel that the battery is fully charged, so take it down immediately to avoid affecting the battery life. Feel unnecessary, in fact, the battery serious problems, often often take down the battery!

First, you need to understand the power supply design inside the laptop. Disassemble the notebook and you will find that the power supply port connected by the power adapter, the large notebook is generally connected to the motherboard through the power interface board, and the small notebook is connected to the motherboard through the power interface line. The external ac is first used to supply power directly to the motherboard and hardware. In terms of power supply for the battery, if the battery is fully charged, it will not charge the battery, nor will it use the electricity in the battery, so the theory automatically shields the battery, and the current has nothing to do with the battery. Is not the battery, once a sudden power failure, motherboard and other hardware and systems are affected. It is recommended to plug in the battery. My laptop is an HP G42-474TX, the battery has barely been lowered down, and it can still carry for more than 2 hours, which is quite good.

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