How to choose a compatible laptop power adapter/charger?

The power adapter/laptop charger can be understood as a transformer in simple terms. Of course, the internal structure is not a simple transformer. For most people, what we want to know most is whether this power adapter can charge my mobile device.

First, choose the original power adapter/laptop charger.

The shape, size, weight, power interface, voltage, output power, current and other parameters of the original power adapter/laptop charger are all right. It saves time and effort when purchasing (that is, it does not save money). In general, the price of an original power adapter/computer charger is more than US$100, which is 3-5 times that of a compatible power supply. If it is purely to save worry, it is also a good choice to buy an original power adapter/laptop charger.

There are some precautions when purchasing the original power adapter/notebook charger, such as the voltage of the country where you are located, and the applicable model. The power adapters/laptop chargers for laptops of the same brand are not exactly the same. The input voltage of different countries and regions may also be different. However, most AC adapters/laptop chargers are compatible with voltages in the range of 100V-240V. After determining the basic needs of the computer, try to choose a formal after-sales service center and electronic mall to purchase. If you buy online, it is best to find a merchant with good reputation and evaluation.

Second, choose a compatible power adapter/laptop charger.

For the power adapter/laptop charger, if the working parameters and output connectors are the same as the original ones, then different brands can be used universally. Moreover, the working parameters are not required to be strictly the same, and a certain allowable range of variation can be allowed.
Pay attention to the main working parameters of the power adapter/laptop charger:
1. Input voltage and input current;

2. Output voltage and output current;

3. Output connector (interface) and output polarity (basically different brands have their own standards);

Generally, laptop adapters/notebook chargers have 110-240V input, which meets global international standards.
When purchasing compatible products, the most important thing is to pay attention to the matching of parameters, including input and output interface types, input and output voltage, output current, output power, appearance, weight, quality, price and other issues. Now most compatible products will indicate the applicable model, so friends who are not interested in the specific parameters can skip the relevant content and choose directly according to the applicable model when purchasing.

Third, before choosing a power adapter/computer charger, you must first determine three adaptation conditions.

1. The interface of the laptop adapter/charger matches the device.

2. The output voltage must be the same as the rated input voltage of the load (mobile equipment), or within the voltage range that the load (mobile equipment) can withstand. Otherwise, the load (mobile device) may be burned.

3. In order to provide sufficient power, the output current of the power adapter/computer charger must be equal to or greater than the current of the load (mobile device).

Fourth, there are several principles for replacing the power adapter/laptop charger.

1. The voltage is the same. The nominal input voltage on your computer/notebook is 16V, and if the rated output voltage of the adapter/computer charger is 20V, the difference is too large and it cannot be replaced like this. It may damage the computer.

2. The plug polarity is the same. The polarity marked on the symbol on your notebook is positive inside and negative outside. If I really can’t see the polarity of the picture of the marked adapter/laptop charger. You can see if the symbol is the same as the one on the notebook, if it is not, then absolutely not.

3. The rated output current of the power adapter/laptop charger cannot be less than the rated input current of the computer. The maximum input current marked on your computer is 3.36A, so when you buy a power adapter, you must buy an output current greater than or equal to 3.36A. The larger the better, but the larger the output current, the larger the rated power. Too big is too wasteful and bulky. Generally a little larger will do, leave some margin.

Compatible types of power supplies/laptop chargers have to be used in many types of notebook computers, so there will be power margins when designing. It should be enough for computers with general power consumption. But if your computer is a big power consumer, and you need to connect some external devices (such as charging mobile phones, external optical drives, speakers, etc.). Then there may be a problem of insufficient power supply. Also, some of the parameters of compatible power supplies are not very accurate. It is safer to buy a power adapter/laptop charger with higher power when choosing.

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