If I can't charge my laptop, what should I do?

My laptop has not been used for two months. After I come back, it cannot be turned on and can only be started with a charge. However, when I unplug the charger, the black screen turns off. What should I do?

If the laptop needs to be plugged in to start up, it should be because the battery has been used for too long and has no power left. You can't start the machine without the battery.

The number of charges and discharges directly related to the life of the battery, each charge, the battery to retire a step forward. It is recommended that you try to use the external power supply, and take off the battery when using the external power supply. If the laptop is frequently plugged in multiple times a day and has a battery, the damage to the battery is even greater. Because every time an external power source is plugged in, it's like charging the battery once, and the battery lives longer.

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