Is the laptop charger universal?

Notebooks have become an indispensable role around us. Friends who observe carefully can find that laptop chargers are long, flat, square, and round in terms of the shape of the interface. However, the circle is divided into big circle and small circle. So the question is, if two laptops of different brands have the same power interface, can the laptop chargers be universal?

If the laptop power interface can be connected to the laptop interface. Congratulations! It can be charged! But still need to consider the issue of current. Because the current is different, although the notebook can be charged (the charging time is short when the current is large, and the charging time is long when the current is small), but if the current does not match, the internal hardware of the notebook will be damaged. So don't play like this as a last resort.

But! What you need to pay more attention to than current is voltage. Different voltages will cause irreversible damage to the product (motherboard failure). You can check the label on the back of the laptop charger. Generally written after OUTPUT, how much V and how much A are written. Among them, there are 12V series, 15V series, 16V series, 18.5V series, 24V series and so on.

A netizen disassembled his laptop charger live. He felt that it was because his laptop chargers was a little badly connected, and he was going to try to repair it himself. The result was that after a long time, he was helpless. We suggest that we can buy one directly, and the price is not expensive. Note: Before purchasing, make sure that the voltage and current are the same and the interface size is the same!

Disassemble the laptop charger


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