What should I do if the laptop charger is very hot?

When the laptop charger is unplugged after charging, you will find that the laptop charger heats up too much. Is it normal for the laptop charger to be very hot during the charging process? How to solve this problem? In this article, I will solve your doubts.

It is normal for the laptop charger to become hot during use. Because it is always running, it will consume kinetic energy to convert the output electricity. Some of it will become heat. At the same time, you also need to see if the battery is installed, or if the battery is normal, etc. The laptop charger is actually a high-precision, high-efficiency switching-type regulated power supply. Its function is to convert 220v AC mains power into low-voltage DC power to provide stable power for the normal operation of notebook computers. It is even called the "power source" of the laptop.

The conversion efficiency of laptop chargers to power can only reach about 75-85% at this stage. During voltage conversion, some of the kinetic energy is lost. Except for a small part of this kinetic energy that is lost in the form of waves, most of it is dissipated in the form of heat. The greater the power of a laptop charger, the greater the loss of kinetic energy, and the greater the heat generated by the power supply.

At this stage, laptop chargers on the market are all sealed and packaged with fire-resistant and high-temperature plastic. The heat generated inside it is mainly dissipated through the conduction of the plastic shell. Therefore, the surface temperature of the notebook charger is still quite high, and the maximum temperature may even reach about 70 degrees.As long as the temperature of the laptop charger is within the design solution area, in other words the temperature of the laptop charger is within the normal area, it is usually not dangerous!

In summer, you should pay more attention to the heat dissipation of the laptop itself! At this time, ensuring room temperature is the most important. If the room temperature is too high, it will be useless to dissipate heat! It is best to turn on the air conditioner when using a laptop. At the same time, try to keep the bottom of the notebook empty. The bottom of the notebook can be padded with a special heat-dissipating bracket or an article of equal thickness and small size. Try not to use keyboard protective film, because the keyboard is also a key part of the notebook's heat dissipation. The rest of the heat dissipation components (the laptop heat dissipation components of each corporate brand may be different) should not be covered by objects.

In addition, you also need to clean the dust from the cooling fan port regularly. In the hot summer, the notebook needs your extra care.


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