Why are the shapes of laptop chargers different?

If the laptop launched by Compaq in November 1982 is regarded as the earliest prototype of notebook computer, then the notebook has accompanied us for 35 years since its birth. As an important productivity tool to promote human development, notebook has become an indispensable role around us now. After decades of development in terms of shape, portability, security, stability, performance and many other aspects are not the same, and along with the notebook with the birth of power seems to attract little attention, today to talk with you about notebook power adapter those things.

Today's light and thin notebook has become the most popular notebook category, of course, on top of the light and thin notebook is made for mobile and portable two-in-one notebook. In the era of mobile Internet, the demand of the mobile office has become increasingly thin notebook, in the case of a fixed size, usually evaluate a laptop portability will be divided into two parts, one is the bare machine weight, the other is a travel weight (bare-metal +) the weight of the power adapter, often bare weight keep some products very good, and the power adapter is become a stumbling block to a modest, this is awkward, there is no way to make more small notebook power adapter?

In 1985, TOSHIBA T1000 took the lead in external power supply of notebook computers, creating the world's first independent notebook power adapter, which started the commercialization and popularization of notebook computers. After 32 years of careful calculation, the notebook has undergone a sea change, and the change in the power adapter is much slower. Because the design of hardware circuit and the size of components in a short time can not be reduced, after all, this goes against the basic physical principles. So what's the hard part of scaling down a laptop power adapter?

That was the case ten years ago. Why is it still the case ten years later?
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Laptop requirements of power supply for the stability of the constant voltage direct current (DC), and we are the power of the home is usually around 100 v to 240 v (AC, AC), and transportation such as plane is usually around 12 v (DC, DC), generally unstable power supply can't directly to recharge the laptop, otherwise it will damage the battery and laptop computers. So we invented the great laptop power adapter, which works by converting the unstable power supply to the constant voltage DC current required by the laptop through the principle of switching power supply, which can power and charge the laptop. But is that all? Of course not, in which there must be overcurrent protection circuit, overvoltage protection circuit, short-circuit protection circuit and other protection circuit, to prevent the laptop from burning.

What I need in this notebook is a 19V 3A DC power supply. For the transformer, 220V AC is first converted into HIGH-voltage DC by the rectifier circuit, and then into high-frequency high-voltage pulse by the switching tube, and then converted into low-voltage pulse (such as 19V) by the transformer. The 19V low voltage pulse passes through a rectifier and voltage regulator circuit to become 19V stable direct current. You're already dizzy...

It should be noted that the maintenance cost of a laptop power adapter if it is damaged is extremely high, not expensive, but difficult. So, whether you're a DIY guru or a DIY guru, think twice before repairing your own power adapter. What? You just don't believe it? All right, without an example, I'm gonna talk nonsense, right?

At present, notebook power adapter the most difficult problem is that there is no unified standard, a variety of power adapters brutal growth, so we see the notebook power is a variety of, it is difficult to classify. They can be categorized by brand, such as several well-known international manufacturers (in alphabetical order) : Acer, APPLE, ASUS, DELL, HP, LENOVO, TOSHIBA. According to the usage, it is divided into AC (for example, AC is used for home and office) and DC (direct current is used for car and plane).

According to the OUTPUT voltage current points (the label behind the charger, are written at the back of the OUTPUT, is how many V, how much A), there are 12 V, 15 V, 16 V, 18.5 V, 19 V, 19.5 V, 20 V, 24 V series, etc., this is only the voltage, electric current is the same series can different oh ~ in addition, even if is the voltage and current are the same, their interfaces have A small chance of the same size, from the shape of the interface, A long, flat, square, round, however, is also great circle and small round circle. So it's really hard to do is there?

If you have a power port that plugs into another laptop, you can charge the laptop with a different current (large current, short charge time, small current, long charge time). Of course, mismatching the current can damage the hardware inside the laptop, so don't do it. But! You need to pay more attention to the voltage than the current, the voltage difference can cause irreversible damage to the product.

For us ordinary consumers, I prefer to categorize them by shape, such as' brick ', 'oblong' and 'flat'. Every once in a while, I will encounter any design that the designer's imagination turns on by mistake. After understanding the difficulties of power adapter minification, let's have a laugh at those weird power sources I have seen!
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The "brick-shaped" power adapter is so common in game books that you can tell if the laptop is specifically for gaming just by looking at the power supply! Undoubtedly, it is much larger in size and weight than the latter two, making it a must-have item for home travel! Look at this thick and heavy power supply, which can easily deal with emergencies and give you a sense of security. Of course, there are some super-tough, super-wacky laptops out there, and two power adapters like this one are standard.

While it's hard to get smaller these days, smaller adapters have emerged in recent years, such as the One from Microsoft's Surface line that is the leader in 'rectangular' adapters. Not only is it a little smaller than the traditional size, but it also features a user-friendly USB charging port.
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Say the word "sector" is ok, now the notebook is most common in that kind of power adapter, they majority of are cubes, volume is small, but they are often the design of the plug are against humanity, take my hand the two power supply, its plug is often fixed and protrudes from the plane, very easily to other devices in backpacks extrusion to scratch out a dent in the roof or the son, and on the inserted panel also very take a place.
In addition, the power cord that is more than a meter long is also a very annoying problem. I think many people have experienced the feeling of laptop power cord +HDMI cable + mouse cable + keyboard cable, which is quite frustrating. With a mouse and keyboard connected wirelessly, is it possible to charge a laptop wirelessly? Don't tell me, there is such a thing!

Dell recently showed off a laptop with a wireless charging design, which looks similar to the current wireless charging design of mobile phones. In my opinion, the short-distance mobile office is quite good, but if I travel for a long time, it will be fine. Do you want me to take a big charging disk out of here? So, laptop wireless charging is still in a tentative phase at this stage, and unless there is a substantial breakthrough in battery technology, it will be difficult to have a great experience.

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