Will the laptop charger stay in the socket consume electricity?

It must be said that anyone who can ask such a question is a good child who observes things carefully. The answer is consumption! Chargers need to carry out a series of processes, such as voltage reduction, rectification, filtering, etc., generally used in the transformer equipment. Even if there is no load, there will also be a corresponding "no-load loss". For mature and reasonable industrial product design, this loss is generally lower than 1W. I think it's a little bit more intuitive in terms of money.

According to my rough estimation, assuming that the no-load current of a single electrical device charger is 0.5W, the electricity consumption for an hour is 1*0.5= 0.5w ·h=0.0005 KWH. If a year is 365*0.012=4.38 degrees, according to the average electricity price of 50 cents per kilowatt hour to calculate, a notebook power adapter annual no-load loss is about a little more than 2 yuan. Ten is a little more than 20 yuan, although even a cup of Starbucks money is not enough, but I still want to remind everyone to save electricity.

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