Does charging a phone for a long time damage the battery?

1. There is no damage to the phone.

Charge the phone for a long time, such as charging overnight. For mobile phones, there will be no impact. Will not shorten the service life of the phone. Because, in the era of smart phones, each brand of mobile phone will set up a power management system for its mobile phone. This power management system is equivalent to the internal administrator of the mobile phone, and will coordinate and manage the power consumption of all components inside the mobile phone. When we charge the mobile phone for a long time and the battery is fully charged, if the mobile phone is still connected to the power supply, at this time, the battery is not charged, but the mobile phone is powered. In other words, the mobile phone is using the power of the power supply at this time , Not the battery level of the phone.

2. What factors affect battery life?

1.1. The battery charge and discharge times. Almost all mobile phones now use lithium batteries, and the service life of lithium batteries mainly depends on the number of "charge and discharge". According to related reports, the number of charging and discharging of a lithium battery will be more than 500 times. If this limit is exceeded, the battery capacity will begin to decrease significantly.

2.1. The temperature of the battery. Although the batteries are now able to withstand high temperatures. However, if the battery is exposed to high temperature for a long time, it will cause the battery's electrolyte to decompose faster, thereby reducing its service life.

3.1. Avoid recharging after completely discharged. When is it better to charge the mobile phone battery? Generally, when the battery level of the mobile phone is not lower than 20%, it is the best time to charge the mobile phone. Many mobile phones will pop up a reminder window when the battery level is less than 20%. In particular, be careful not to wait until the battery is completely discharged before charging the phone.

4.1. Don't play with the phone while charging. If you are charging while playing mobile phones, WeChat, games and watching videos. It is equivalent to charging and discharging at the same time, which will increase the temperature of the battery and shorten the life of the battery in a certain procedure.

5.1. A high-current charger is used. It is best to use the original charger to charge the mobile phone. It is best not to use the high-current charger. Although the high-current charger will charge faster, it will also cause great damage to the battery.

Knowing the power management system of the mobile phone and several factors that affect the battery life, we know that even if the mobile phone is charged all night, it will have no effect on the mobile phone itself and the battery. It is safe. Don't worry too much.

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