why do phone chargers stop working?

A good mobile phone charger suddenly strikes, and it’s really troublesome not to charge! Today, I will talk to you about the reasons and solutions for the charger not charging from the two aspects of the mobile phone system and hardware. The system refers to the reason for the mobile phone ROM, and the hardware is the mobile phone charger, battery and other issues.

Reasons why do phone chargers stop working:

The charging failure of the mobile phone charger can be divided into charger failure, charging cable problem, mobile phone charging port problem, mobile phone battery problem, and system setting failure reasons.
1. The charger is broken, repair or replace with a new one.
2. The charging data cable is broken. Replace with a new original data cable.
3. The mains power is cut off, and the mains is normal before charging.
4. The charging port of the mobile phone is broken. Repair or replace the charging port.
5. The power management circuit of the mobile phone is faulty. Repair the mobile phone.
6. The battery is broken and cannot be charged. Replace with a new battery.

First, connect the mobile phone to the charger and plug it into the plug-in board to see if it can be charged. If it cannot be charged, the current possible problems are:
The charger is broken, the cable is broken, the phone interface is broken, the battery is broken, and the system is faulty.
If you can’t charge it on your phone, you can unplug the phone battery first, and then put it on a universal charger to see if it can be charged. If it can be charged, it may be a problem with the phone's USB contact port.

If you can't charge it with a universal charger, then it proves that there is a problem with your phone battery. At this time, you can replace the battery, or warm the battery in an electric blanket for a while, and then take it out to charge, see if it works.

If it can be charged with a universal charger, it proves that your USB contact port may be OK. This involves two points, one is that the phone port is not working, and the other is that the contact port is not working. It is recommended that you can use cleaning tools to clean these USB contact ports. Then try again, preferably rubbing with alcohol.

If you still can’t charge it after wiping it. If you use a power socket to charge, it may be caused by poor contact between the charging head and the socket. At this time, I suggest you try another socket. Sometimes, although this situation may seem normal, it often happens.

Sometimes, borrow someone else's data cable to try it out. If it can be charged, it proves that your data cable is broken. Because when we are using it, we will stretch or do other actions, resulting in poor contact of the wires inside, which makes it impossible to charge.

How to solve it?

1. Now that we have definitely found the problem, how can we solve it? Let me explain how to solve it in the order of the above detection.
2. The charger or data cable is broken: You can just replace the charger or data cable.
Note: Please try to choose the original for replacement, so that it will not cause harm to the phone. If you think that the original one is not good, you can buy a better quality charger, but note that the parameters of the charger must be the same as your original one. If the current is too large, it may cause damage to the mobile phone motherboard.
3. The problem of the mobile phone interface: This is caused by a bad mobile phone charging interface, such as looseness. Please go to a professional mobile phone store for repairs, do not disassemble the phone yourself.
4. Battery problem: If it is determined that it is a battery problem, change the battery. I don't recommend buying the battery at will. It is best to use original or high-quality batteries.
5. System rom problems: For system rom problems, please ensure that you have a certain amount of experience in flashing or mobile phone system knowledge. You can choose to re-flash to try or use the following method to clear the battery information of the system.
6. Make sure your phone is rooted. The phone enters recovery mode, select wipe, then select wipe battery status (empty battery information), and then reboot (restart).
If your recovery only has wipe data or factory reset, please back up all data before wipe!

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