Why is your mobile phone charger hot?

No matter what you do now, you cannot do without your mobile phone. But as an electronic product, mobile phones must be charged before they can be used. The charger is always hot when charging the phone. Why does the charger heat up when the phone is charging?

It is normal for the mobile phone charger to generate heat when charging, and the main reason is that the charger uses a high-efficiency switching power supply. Since its power factor is less than 0.7, the rest of the energy is basically converted into heat energy and is consumed. Therefore, it is normal for the charger to be a little hot when charging, so just don't care about it as long as there is no peculiar smell. It is best to place it in a ventilated place, because heat will accelerate the aging of electronic components.

There are many situations in which the battery plate of the mobile phone heats up during charging. The main one is the battery heating caused by the instability of the charging voltage caused by the use of the mobile phone during the charging process. There is also unstable charging voltage, which may cause the phone to become hot.

At the same time, when the charging head is charging, the entire charging module will also generate a lot of heat, and will generate slight heat. Under normal circumstances, the surface temperature will not exceed 50 degrees.

Finally, there is a high-frequency transformer in the mobile phone charger to convert the pulsating voltage generated by the switch tube. Its appearance is small, but its operating frequency is very high, reaching tens of kilohertz, so it generates a lot of heat. There are also some integrated blocks, which also generate heat. As long as it is not too hot, it can be used.

The following describes the solution to the overheating of the mobile phone charger:
1. First of all, we can charge it in a cool environment.
If the mobile phone charger is overheated, it is best to charge it in a cool environment in summer, such as an air-conditioned house. This way the mobile phone charger will not overheat.

2. Use the original charger.
When charging the mobile phone, you should use the original charger to ensure stable output current. It also protects the battery. The original charger will also generate heat, but it will not overheat because it has a protective device. If your charger is overheated, it means it is fake or not original.

3. Don't play with the phone while it is charging.
Playing with the phone while the phone is charging will cause the phone charger to overheat. Because it needs to work for a while longer than normal, it will reduce the life of the charger.

4. Don't overcharge.
Generally, the original charger of the mobile phone can be fully charged in about 3 hours, do not continue to charge after full. Otherwise it will cause the charger to overload and become overheated. Unplug the charger in time.

5. Be careful of surrounding heat sources.
When charging the mobile phone, the charger should be placed away from heat sources, such as gas stoves, steamers, etc. To avoid overheating of the charger due to high ambient temperature.

6. Reduce the number of charging.
If you charge it multiple times a day, it will cause the charger to overheat, so you should control the number of charging. Generally, it can be charged once a day or two, which can help extend the life of the charger.

7. When charging, turn off the phone as much as possible.
This can extend the life of the charger and protect the phone.

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