What is Apple magsafe charger power adapter?

When Apple released four iPhone12 series phones this year, it also launched a new MagSafe wireless charger. Provides up to 15W charging power, which is twice as fast as the previous Qi-based 7.5W wireless charging. In addition, all iPhone 12 series canceled the charger, so that many users are interested in MagSafe charger.

MagSafe has increased the charging efficiency to 15W while maintaining compatibility with Qi charging. At the same time, he also interacted with many magnetic accessories of the iPhone.

MagSafeDuo wireless charger can charge iPhone and AppleWatch simultaneously.
MagSafe also has a brand new card case that can be attached to the back of the iPhone.

Is it necessary to buy MagSafe?
So, is Magsafe worth buying? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of MagSafe wireless chargers and purchase suggestions today.

Advantages of MagSafe charger:
1. Easy to use
The MagSafe charger can be magnetically attached to the magnetic ring on the back of the iPhone device, no need to insert the data interface, easy to use!

2. Fast wireless charging
The wireless charging speed of MagSafe charger is relatively fast, up to 15W fast charging. Compared with the previous 7WQi wireless charging, the speed is much faster, and the battery can be charged to nearly 50% in 30 minutes.

Disadvantages of MagSafe charger:
1. The price is too expensive
The MagSafe wireless charger is priced at 39$ separately, but Apple does not provide a power adapter (charging head) for the MagSafe charger. Users need to bring their own 20WUSB-C power adapter (the official price is 19$), which is equivalent to a set of 39$+19$=58$.

According to media testing, MagSafe can only achieve the highest 15W wireless charging power with an official 20W USB-C charger. If matched with a third-party fast charging charger, the charging rate will be greatly reduced, as follows:
MagSafe with Apple 20W adapter: up to 15W;
MagSafe with Apple 18W adapter: up to 13W;
MagSafe with Apple 96W MacBookPro adapter: up to 10W
MagSafe with third-party Aukey65W adapter: 8W to 9W

In other words, if you buy a MagSafe wireless charger, you must also buy an official USB-C20W adapter to achieve the highest 15W wireless charging rate. It is almost meaningless to want to save money to buy a third party. Although you can afford iPhone12, it is not bad for an accessory. But after buying MagSafe, I have to buy a USB-C20W charging head separately. It is better to buy a USB-C20W charger for wired charging, which is faster. Why pay more for wireless?

2. Poor support for old models
Apple's official website shows that Magsafe is compatible with QI wireless charging. In other words, all models above iPhone 8 can be charged with Magsafe wireless charger.

However, from the test of foreign media, although Magsafe is friendly to iPhone12 series models, compatibility is very poor for older models of iPhone11 and below. It can even be said that the results are terrible.

Take the iPhoneXsMax test as an example. Magsafe wireless charging only charges 13% in half an hour (iPhone 12 can reach 50%). But the 7.5W Qi wireless charging pad can charge up to 25% in half an hour.
Take the iPhoneXsMax test as an example
At present, the Magsafe wireless charger is only suitable for the new iPhone12 series. Although it can charge for old models below iPhone11, the effect is really bad.

3. It is easy to leave marks on the back of the phone case
Generally speaking, most iPhone users will use it with a case to better protect the phone. However, many users said that when using the MagSafe charger to charge the phone, it is possible to leave a circular mark on the back of the phone case that is in contact with the MagSafe accessory. Frankly speaking, this is fatal for some small partners who pay attention to details or have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The above is the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the MagSafe wireless charger. I believe you will have a deeper understanding of it after reading it. I think MagSafe is not mature enough. It is only recommended for iPhone 12 series users who are not bad money to try. For old models below iPhone 12 or users who are pursuing economy, there is no need to buy and use.

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