What is the working principle of the power adapter?

What kind of choice determines what kind of fate. No matter what it is, you need to think twice. Choosing a good power adapter determines the fate of phone handsets, game consoles, language repeaters, walkmans, laptops, etc. The power adapter is small in appearance, so it is easy to carry. It is a device that provides electricity for all electronic equipment and electronic appliances. If you want to choose a good power adapter, you must first understand it. Let's take a look at its explanation below.

The composition of the power adapter is divided into three parts: machine casing, power transformer and rectifier circuit. AC output type and DC output type are its two major types of output. The connection method is composed of wall-mounted and desktop-type. It is basically suitable for all electronic equipment such as: notebook computers, mobile phones, home IT and other equipment.

Working Principle:

Switching power supply is the most common form of power adapter used in our daily lives. The switching power supply that we have most contact with is a kind of power supply that uses modern electronic technology to determine the ratio of whether the switching tube is turned on or not and the resulting time to stably maintain the balance of the output voltage.

The working principle of the power adapter switching power supply is to control the IC and MOSFET to work with the help of pulse width modulation. Its advantage lies in its extremely high conversion efficiency, while its size is small and easy to carry, which can meet the required voltage during work. Its shortcoming is that when there is a problem or failure, there is a great difficulty in overhauling, and it also has a certain interference effect on the power circuit.

Failure and solutions:

1. A route problem is a failure. For example, the damage of the power cord causes the circuit to be blocked and poor contact. You should first identify whether the connection of the incoming and outgoing wires is correctly energized. If there is a problem with the route, just replace the power cord.

2. The output voltage is too low and the power switch load is short-circuited. First turn off the switching power supply and disconnect all the loads of the circuit, and then find out whether the problem is the switching power supply circuit or the load circuit.

3. The output voltage is too high, which may be the cause of voltage stabilization sampling or voltage stabilization control circuit. In the case of multi-faceted work, such as DC output, sampling resistor, error sampling amplifier and other circuits, in the circuit composed in parallel, there can be no error in any one step or even one part, otherwise it will malfunction.

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