Is it better to charge an electric scooter "once a day" or "after using it"?

Cars are a very common means of transportation in The United States, but as the number of cars increases, traffic jams happen so often that driving to and from work every day becomes a problem.

So many office workers and short-distance travel friends, have given up the car, choose electric scooter as their transport tools.

Electric scooters have unique advantages and are more flexible than cars. It is less laborious and faster than a bicycle, more convenient and cheaper than a car.

And in addition to buy electric scooter to spend money, that is to spend a fixed cost of electricity, do not burn oil, do not pay the cost of electric scooter is more economical.

The range of electric scooters on the market today is impressive, and short trips are no problem. However, the current technology, electric scooter still has a soft spot, that is, the battery, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, basically use less than two years, the battery capacity will be greatly reduced.

So, how do you maintain a battery? Today we are going to talk about the electric scooter charging "once a day" or "after the use of charge", which is better?

First, let's take a look at the "recharge after use" approach, which many users use all the time.

In their opinion, using up the electricity and recharging it can make the most of everything and extend the life of the battery.

In fact, such a way can accelerate the speed of the battery water loss, and even because of this way of use, the battery will die prematurely. Therefore, the "use up and recharge" approach is not conducive to extending the battery life.

In addition to consuming the number of times a lead-acid battery is charged per day, the charging charger will also accelerate the aging process. Because the service life of the charger is directly related to the number of charges, the more times you use it, the faster the internal aging of the charger will be.

If the owner did not change the charger in time, using such an aging charger to charge the battery, there will undoubtedly be a lot of damage to the battery.

It is important to note, however, that "charge after use" does not refer to a fully discharged state. According to the scientific test data, the battery is reserved in 30% of the battery charge, is the best charging time.

Finally, regardless of the charging method, we must pay attention to the battery charging temperature. Batteries that exceed 60 degrees will dehydrate faster and affect the life of our batteries.

So, when we charge, don't stop and start right away, you need to give the battery a certain amount of time to cool, then charge. Charging an electric scooter everybody understand that?

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