Why can't your Razor Scooter recharge?

If this charger can't power your razor scooter, there exists the following reasons:

  1. This charger doesn’t fit your scooter, please check your scooter brand and model before purchasing.
  2. Your battery is broken. As lead acid battery has its service life. If your battery is used over 12 months or 2-3 months that you don’t use it, your battery is probably broken. In this situation, the charger also shows green light. Green light means that it is not charging for now.
  3. Our charger is defective, in this case, please inform us, we will make a full refund or send a replacement.  


Indication Lights to show you if the battery is fully charged or not; red light on when charging, green light on when charge full.

Razor Charger


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