Why did we do Razor Charger?

Electric scooters are light and portable. More and more people use scooters to travel, which is not only stylish and beautiful, but also solves the trouble of traffic jams at work. Because of these characteristics, the driver is basically a manual one, and it is convenient to go home after sending off the guests.

Razor, a well-known sports and recreational vehicle company in the United States, has been recognized by parents, media friends and the industry year after year for its innovative hot-selling products since it started with the earliest A series in 2000. From launching the earliest A series scooters to introducing new products, Razor has always supported and promoted the continuous development of professional scooters. Razor has now become a leader in new categories of cycling and extreme sports, constantly defining the category of extremes.

We all know that the biggest fear of electronics is running out of power. Our Razor Scooters are the same. It's one of those things that drives people crazy when they just lose or break their charger when they're out of power.

We think we have to solve this problem, so we researched a lot of data, spent hundreds of days and nights, and finally developed a Razor Charger that perfectly solves this problem!

Our products have undergone rigorous safety and reliability testing and meet the safety standards of global electronic products.Please see the picture below for compatible models.

Well, there is not 100% perfect, even original. About 1% out of quality, if you got that 1%, please don’t be upset, just find us to get quick resend a new device, or get immediately refund.Thank you in advance!

Razor Charger

How do you charge a Razor scooter battery?

How to use the Razor Charger correctly?

Where to buy a razor scooter charger?

Why can't your Razor Scooter recharge?

Is it better to charge an electric scooter "once a day" or "after using it"?

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