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Dear customer,
Thank you for visiting my products. Wish you have a pleasure shopping here. I’m so excited that I can sell products here, and this is the first item.

I am a heavy-duty user of a laptop. Every day I work, play games and entertain movies. I can't do without computers. It's just as important as my important companion. But suddenly one day I found that it could not be recharged. The reason was that the adapter was broken, which caused a serious blow to my work and life. I called the original computer company to order a new, I found it is too expensive and the charging configuration is only 20W, the charging speed is really slow, and often runs off when running a large game, which makes me crazy!

I think I have to solve this problem, so I researched a lot of data, spent hundreds of days and nights, and finally developed a notebook power adapter that perfectly solves this problem!

Well, there is not 100% perfect, even original. About 1% out of quality, if you got that 1%, please don’t be upset, just find us to get quick resend a new device, or get immediately refund.

Thank you in advance!

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TSKYBEAR Powering Millions of Laptops, Tablets and Electronic Gadgets worldwide. We stand out from the rest by offering genuine UL Listed and efficiency Level VI power adapters.

Maybe you lost your charger, or it suddenly stopped working. Or maybe your power cord snapped! Usually, when this happens, we have a moment of panic. More often than not, it's painfully hard to find a reasonably priced, HIGH-QUALITY replacement charger...one that doesn't heat up your laptop like it's a backyard grill, and especially one that doesn't break within a week. With TSKYBEAR, It's All About Quality.

In addition,Our laptop batteries are constructed to meet or exceed OEM specifications for safety and efficiency, yet we still managed to create an economical alternative to expensive OEM batteries. Packed with a ton of safety features - When it comes to laptop batteries - TSKYBEAR is your best bet!