1.Q: Why Choose TSKYBAER?
A: We all know that people's work and even life are closely related to laptops, so for many years, TSKYBAER has been producing high-quality batteries and adapters by focusing on people's needs, and that's why all of our products have undergone rigorous safety and reliability testing and meet the safety standards of global electronic products.
We are one of the reputed online laptop charger stockist and supplier in the U.S thus giving our customers the advantage to pick the best brands at highly competitive price. The brands available with us are Acer, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba and more. So, we have an array of brands and series that are hard to find. The arrays of products we source have CE certification and are guaranteed for safety because we never compromise with safety.

2.Q: How To Choose Your Power Adapter?
A: Please note: You can't just see the PC model when you purchase the charger, also check the specification if they fit your model carefully. Such as: Connector Size(4.5mm*3.0mm), Output voltage and current(19.5V-3.33A-65W).

3.Q: Why Battery Don't Hold A Charge, How To Fix it?
A: this is new battery,for first use, we suggest buyer:
Remove the battery for a while
Install battery and full charge it by ac adapter
Leave charger and let the battery drain to shut off
Repeat above charging and discharging at least 2times.
you charge the battery when power lower than 20%. If available,connect ac charger when doing computer work.
If run the battery shut down often, it will shorten the batterylife

4.Q: How About The Quality Of Our Products?
A: NO breakdowns, NO fire hazard.
THOROUGHLY tested for performance & durability.
Manufactured with the highest quality materials, Certificated with UL/CE/FCC/RoHS standard.
Maybe you lost your charger, or it suddenly stopped working. Or maybe your power cord snapped! Usually, when this happens, we have a moment of panic. More often than not, it's painfully hard to find a reasonably priced, HIGH-QUALITY replacement charger...one that doesn't heat up your laptop like it's a backyard grill, and especially one that doesn't break within a week. With TSKYBEAR, It's All About Quality.

5.Q: Where Do We Ship From?
A: Item location:Farmingdale, New York, 11735, United States
We promise to ship within 2-4 days (except Saturday and Sunday)

6.Q: What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
A: We accept PayPal.

7.Q: Do You Charge Sales Tax?
A: We do not charge any sales tax.

8.Q: How Can I Track My Order Once Shipped?
A: We will email you a tracking order or you can contact us in help with tracking your package.

9.Q:Do You Have Warranty On Your Chargers?
A: Absolutely, we offer 1 year warranty on our chargers.